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5 Reasons Why Liquid Supplements May Be A Better Choice

If you’ve ever smelled old vitamin pills or watched a person dole out a pile of horse pills, you already know one of the main reasons why liquid supplements are fresher and better. But here are 5 key reasons you should know regarding why liquid supplements may be a better choice.

Liquid supplements allow for more synergistic formulas.

What does this mean? Basically, it means you can pack more of the potent powerful nutrients – that work together to produce a combined effect – into a liquid formula than you can a pill.

Not only that, most liquid delivery systems allow for the synergy of herbal ingredients, whole food nutrients, and vitamins. However, these complex combinations are very difficult to produce in potencies that garner results in a chewable, gel, capsule or tablet.

2. Liquid supplements are faster and more efficient than other systems.

The first goal of a pill or tablet is to be broken down for use. Even gel capsules still have be swallowed and digested for absorption. That’s why many people find that a liquid dietary supplement is much easier to swallow than a handful of soft gels! A liquid supplement is already in liquid form—so it doesn’t have to be broken down by the body to be digested. This makes a liquid dietary supplement much more absorbable. So basically, a liquid delivery system allows immediate absorption by the body.

Higher concentration is possible with liquid supplements.

For example, there are approximately 30,000 mg of nutrients available in some supplements, whereas a tablet has 500 mg with the largest offering 1000 mg. Therefore, a person would have to take 60 tablets or gel caps with a dosage of 500 mg to equal one dose of that specific supplement. The available active constituents can be much higher in a liquid solution.

Liquid supplements are healthier and easier to take.

Chewables can be so fun. But that’s just it. They’re fun like candy—but not as good for nutrition. That’s because they often have chemical flavor enhancers, much higher calories and added sugar.

But what about liquid supplements compared to pills? Liquid supplements are much easier to take. Most people would not be willing to swallow 60 capsules or tablets just to get the same nutrients available in one dose of a liquid supplement. And, a serving of liquid supplements is only a few tablespoons. Added to your favorite juice, they provide a great jumpstart to your day.

Liquid supplements are more easily digested and provide immediate use to the body.

The absorption rate of liquid supplements is known to be around 98 percent, but other forms of supplements must be digested before their nutrients are made available. Even then, only a much smaller percentage may be absorbed. There’s no casing or fillers in a liquid supplement for the body to contend with—just the pure nutrients that can be used immediately.

So in the end, liquid dietary supplements are synergistically combined with fresh, usable nutrients. Capsules or tablets can get stuck in the throat; swallowing a handful of soft gels is inconvenient; and contending with the extra calories or added sugars in chewables is not an option for many people. With liquid supplements you get a highly efficient, nutrient-dense bioavailability that produces the intended results.